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Public Patches (PC Windows)

All files available here are designed for PC Microsoft Windows.


Additional external servers for Midway Modders Mappack 1 (PC Windows)
Choose your favourite and download it from:


Additional external servers for Midway Modders Mappack 2 (PC Windows)
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This update resolves known issues that occurr in the levels 'Dealing with emergencies onboard" and 'Running the Palawan Passage" as well as all the features and fixes from update 1.1.

  • Added version numbers to identify different game versions
  • Lower bandwidth usage when playing multiplayer games
  • Multiple client connections now allowed from the same IP address
  • LAN connection issues fixed
  • GameSpy servers no longer appear in LAN browser
  • Addition of a connection-meter to the multiplayer menus
  • 'Surrender' option added to the in game multiplayer menu
  • The game no longer stops the Windows screensaver
  • Fix for the multiplayer map 'Islands of Solomon'
  • Fix for a mission-end camera issue with the multiplayer map 'Operation MI'
  • Foliage trees no longer have the black outline
  • Fixed an issue with the ships' flags
  • The propeller on the "please wait" screen is now rolling
  • The multiplayer code now includes the GameSpy NAT Negotiation feature

You will be moved to the external website.

Two new maps offer the multi-player map, the Battle of Sibuyan Sea, and the single player map, the Raid on Truk. Requires Battlestations: Midway for the PC-DVD and the installation of Patch 1.1.1 to play.

This package contains 5 unofficial Battlestations Midway multiplayer maps.

  • Indian Ocean Raid
  • Tokyo Express
  • Super Steel Monsters
  • Operation Ten-Go
  • Ironbottom Sound

Package contains Uninstaller program. This is PC WIndows version. You will be moved to the external website.

This package contains 6 unofficial Battlestations Midway multiplayer maps. Must be installed AFTER Midway Modders Mappack 1. Thanks for mirror server to Nemesisgr.

- Battle of the Java Sea
- Strike on Kwajalein
- Cape Engano
- Wolfpack
- Raid on Truk
- Invasion on Moresby

This package contains installler. This is PC Windows version.

It's small patch, which let You play without inserting DVD. Simply extract it to Battlestations Midway folder. Overwrite existing files. If You want make a backup first - copy battlestationsmidway.exe from Battlestations Midway folder to any backup folder. It also resolving problem with Iowa Mission Pack installed and message: Wrong disc inserted. It's tested and working,  but use it at your own risk.

New textures for planes, ships, buildings and some other stuff can refresh old and famous Battle of Coral Sea, Solomon Islands,  Battle of Surigao Strait and other classic maps. You probably know some of these textures, because they were used in Mappack 2, but together with Skinppack there is nice pack of new and never used textures.


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